McCarthy Wines & Spirits is a company created from a true passion for Wine and Spirits and in the people who put that same passion into each bottle.

- Adam Mccarthy


McCarthy Wines & Spirits is focused on successfully expanding selling markets for our clients in Canada. Based in Atlantic Canada, McCarthy Wines & Spirits works with various liquor boards in Canada. We work with the Newfoundland Liquor Corp (NLC), New Brunswick Liquor (NB Liquor/ANBL), Nova Scotia Liquor Corp (NSLC) Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) as well as Quebec with the SAQ. In addition, we also have importing relations in Alberta and British Columbia. Our connections in the industry allow us to provide growth for our suppliers, whether it be a specific market or across the Country.

Through strong relationships, and a solid understanding of the listing processes of each Liquor Board, McCarthy Wines & Spirits assists our clients in selling  their products throughout Canada. Working also as promotional agents, we increase public awareness of our brands by participating in various festivals and events, in-store promotions, tastings and more.

With a very strong Whisky portfolio, McCarthy Wines & Spirits has become known as the young, up and coming agency that is bringing new, exciting World Whiskies and other premium spirits to Canada.

We are dedicated to our suppliers and to building close relationships, while working together to ensure their products and hard work receive the attention and effort they deserve.



Please feel free to contact us regarding any matters related to McCarthy Wines & Spirits, and The Bitter Truth. Thank you.

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