McCarthy Wines & Spirits is a company created from a true passion for Wine and Spirits and in the people who put that same passion into each bottle.

- Adam Mccarthy


McCarthy Wines & Spirits is focused on successfully expanding selling markets for our clients in Canada. Based in Atlantic Canada, McCarthy Wines & Spirits works with various liquor boards in Canada. We work with the Newfoundland Liquor Corp (NLC), New Brunswick Liquor (NB Liquor/ANBL), Nova Scotia Liquor Corp (NSLC) Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) as well as Quebec with the SAQ. In addition, we also have importing relations in Alberta and British Columbia. Our connections in the industry allow us to provide growth for our suppliers, whether it be a specific market or across the Country.

Through strong relationships, and a solid understanding of the listing processes of each Liquor Board, McCarthy Wines & Spirits assists our clients in selling  their products throughout Canada. Working also as promotional agents, we increase public awareness of our brands by participating in various festivals and events, in-store promotions, tastings and more.

With a very strong Whisky portfolio, McCarthy Wines & Spirits has become known as the young, up and coming agency that is bringing new, exciting World Whiskies and other premium spirits to Canada.

We are dedicated to our suppliers and to building close relationships, while working together to ensure their products and hard work receive the attention and effort they deserve.

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1545 May 31st – German Emperor Karl V. granted the crest pictured above to the Guntrum family. At the time, granting a crest to a family, that did not belong to nobility, was truly the exception to the rule.

1648 once the Thirty Years’ war had ended, it is proven, that the Guntrum family has been growing grapes and making wine in Wörrstadt, a small Rheinhessen village.

1792 During the French Revolution, the left banks of the Rhein river became French territory. The Guntrum family fled to the right banks of the Rhein river, escaping the French catholic occupation forces.

1824 In Bensheim, Louis Guntrum opens a restaurant “Zur Sonne”. He operates a winery, a brewery and an inn /restaurant (Gasthaus).

1867 Exports of Louis Guntrum wines begin to England, the Netherlands and the United States.

1909 Louis Philipp Guntrum returns to Rheinhessen and the left banks of the Rhein river, establishing himself in Nierstein and purchasing vineyards and wineries in Nierstein and Oppenheim.

2003 Louis Konstantin Guntrum, the 11th generation of the Guntrum family, takes the helm and leads the family winery into the 21st century. His focus and dedication has since been the production of unique, premium quality wines, which show authenticity as well as the character of their respective grape and vineyards. Wine lovers and amateurs around the World enjoy Louis Guntrum wines. Louis Guntrum wines today are distributed in more than 60 countries around the World. By travelling most of these markets, Konstantin Guntrum knows the demands of different markets and realizes market trends immediately.


Today’s Estate building, which had been built by Konstantin Guntrum’s great-grandfather Louis Jean Georges Guntrum in 1923, is home to one of Rheinhessen’s largest vaulted brick cellars. 11 hectares of mainly Grand Cru vineyards in one of the most traditional wine growing regions of Germany, the winery focuses on Riesling as most versatile and probably best white grape variety in the World.

The decision to acquire vineyards both in Nierstein and Oppenheim had been taken already by Louis Guntrum, following his settling in Nierstein in 1909. The choice of vineyards has been developed carefully by succeeding generations, adapting attentively to climatic changes and market trends, while taking into consideration the different characters of wines, that originate from the different types of soil.


a world unique stretch of only 5 KM x 0,8 KM, located adjacent to the Rhein river. The “Red Hills”, named after the colour of the soil, combine red sandstone soil, ideal inclination towards the sun and reflection and moderation from the Rhein river waters. The Nierstein origin has been so famous over the years, that it has even been subject of some of the greatest pieces of world literature (Goethe, Schiller, Kleist et.al.). Nierstein wines provide very delicate fruit flavours, paired with a unique minerality and great age-ability. They offer the more elegant approach to Riesling as opposed to a more powerful approach originating from Oppenheim vineyards.


an enticing contrast to Terroir I: Heavy clay soil, with major components of chalk, an entire area shaped like a horseshoe, thusproviding excellent protection against cold winds from North andEast. Oppenheim wines are always more powerful than Niersteinwines, softer in acidity and minerality, but with more body and more intense mouthfeel.

Growing grapes on the same soil for generations requires a proper understanding of the needs and abilities of nature.Preserving the legacy of previous generations for future generations is our obligation. Therefore, sustainable agriculture is not a new concept for us, but has been obligation for all generations. The results are obvious in our wines.


LOUIS GUNTRUM focuses on the production of premium quality white wines. The Riesling grape is our passion and earns our foremost attention. However, we also enjoy growing other grape varieties, e.g. Gewürztraminer, Grauburgunder (Pinot Grigio) or Weißburgunder (Pinot Blanc).

Offering Premium Quality Wines, that reflect the uniqueness of the terroir the grapes have grown on, is the main core value of LOUIS GUNTRUM. While we strive for the best possible quality and the most impressive character in each wine, we understand the needs of the market and thus offer wines with outstanding price-quality-ratio. Weunderstand the needs of worldwide business. With more than 130 years of experience in exporting wine to more than 60 countries around the World, we know how to handle transportation around the Globe swiftly and as easy as possible. We are open to market trends. This experience and understanding allows for quick development of new products for existing or new markets.




Please feel free to contact us regarding any matters related to McCarthy Wines & Spirits, and The Bitter Truth. Thank you.

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